Continuing the Art of Marble and Stone Restoration

  • A major part of professional stonework nowadays is related to the restoration of damaged, scratched, stained and dull surfaces. High traffic, dirt, grease, pollution and lack of proper maintenance (often wrong maintenance advice) are detrimental factors contributing to stone's dramatic deterioration and its unexpected early aging. The proper restoration of natural stone has been a skillful activity for many years in many countries.

  • Marble Restoration Services┬« Ltd. undertakes many types of restoration and refinishing activities; deep resurfacing and leveling, fissure repair, stains and stun mark removal, polishing, crystallization and dedicated masonry work.

  • On site, Marble Restoration Services┬« Ltd. uses a wide variety of methods and techniques. We truly believe that every stone restoration problem has its own unique life history, thus consequently it deserves its own approach. Realizing that, Marble Restoration Services┬« Ltd. employs the most reliable equipment, diamonds and products available on the market today. Hence we can achieve the best professional result and customers' satisfaction.

Then and Now
Typical marble restoration crew from the 1900s.

The way it was...

This is a typical stone restoration crew from the 1900s.

Marble Restoration Services crew today.

The way it is today.

With the most sophisticated equipment our crew is ready for your restoration job.

Marble Floor Restoration at Lord Elgin Hotel Ottawa.

perfect every time.

Using the right equipment and the right craftsmen results in a professional restoration job.